Knowledge and Preventive Maintenance are the Best Cure…

Is the home safe for you and your family to live in it? Are all systems and components of the home in good functioning condition now? Is there any probability of repairs or replacements of costly components in the near future and approximately what kind of life expectancy do they have? Very few people have the comprehensive education and training to make an adequate evaluation of all major systems and components of a home and very few home inspectors have the patience & dedication to perform a meticulous inspection.

I am a Certified Master Inspector,
fully certified by American Society of Home Inspectors, National Association of Home Inspectors and International Association of Home Inspectors. A thorough home inspection when performed by a highly qualified & meticulous inspector is priceless for saving your health, money and potential grief after you buy the home! 

Your Satisfaction is Very Important to Me.
I dedicate all my time and energy to you, my customer, providing first class inspection service for you. I will treat you like family, inspect your home as it would be my home and protect your money as though it would be my money. I will be loyal and most informative to you to the best of my knowledge and education. Please call now and tell me how I can best help you. "Tommy" Decebal Adamescu 
At HomeSpector Inc.
we understand that every home is unique. Because of this we carefully cater each inspection to fit the needs of every home. The home inspection fee depends on the size, age, location, general condition, and other specific characteristics of the house.

Starting prices are included below just as a generalized reference. Please call or text us now at 516-851-5833 to discuss the details and schedule your appointment.

An average smaller 1100 – 1200 sq. ft. and newer house about 20-30 yrs. old, the regular home inspection Starting Price is $595 (including termite inspection and free extras). Limited time ONLY $495 when you mention code 022. Please read special internet promotions details below or call for additional information. Call for special pricing regarding smaller (co-ops, condos, etc.), older or larger (over 1200 sq. ft.) homes inspections. Prices are subject to change without notice. All prices must be paid cash or check at the time of the inspection.

Special internet promotion for Starting Prices:

$100 off home inspection fee in 2022
WAS - $595 - NOW ONLY - $495 - 
Limit first 100 inspections of the year 2022 only.
Just mention code 022 when you book your inspection.

FREE Termite inspection ($150 value) included with every general home inspection.

Starting prices are for Starter homes (3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, one level ranch style, one family home, 20-30 yrs. old, no additions, extensions, apartments, deck, porch, basement, crawlspace or garage, recently renovated, less than ten miles away from our location). Larger or older homes require accordingly larger home inspection prices depending on age, size, general condition and other specific characteristics. 

Please call/text 516-851-5833 now for a free quote. 

Buying or Selling a House in Long Island? Professional Certified Master Home Inspector Tommy (Decebal Adamescu), HomeSpector Inc. (Certified Member of American Society of Home Inspectors) accommodates all of your Long Island home inspection and termite inspection requirements.

UNBEATABLE PRICES, inspecting all of Long Island 7 days a week 8:00 am-8:00 pm.
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